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The St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev is an important monument to the increasing influence of Orthodox Christianity, as well as the flourishing of Ukrainian artistic expression, under the reign of Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kievan Rus. This cathedral is a physical representation of the power of Kievan Rus at its height, but the cathedral also embodies a negative view of Russia in global perspective. St. Sophia’s Cathedral, with its long history, demonstrates the darker aspect of Russianness that has a tendency to expand its influence ideologically, politically and geographically, often at the expense of local nationalities.


Alexandra Grimm

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January 1, 1037/December 31, 2014


Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise


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Linda Buehler

As a religion concentrator, I found the connections between this objectively "religious" place and more secular ideas of Russianness, such as expansionism and hunger for growth, particularly fascinating. 

Rena Wang

This site is very interesting in both the sheer damage it has endured as well as what it said about Russian expansion at the time.  Enduring so much damage, plundering, and more over time indicates a certain tendency toward repair and renewal in Kievan Rus.

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