Questions of Philosophy and Psychology (early publication)

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Questions of Philosophy and Psychology (early publication)


Published between 1889 and 1918 and founded by the second Chairman of the Moscow Psychological Society and Professor and Philosophy, Nikolai Grotto, “Questions of Philosophy and Psychology” is one of the most important social and psychological publications of its time. As the beginning of a set of items on this page that reflect upon the meaning and context of a selection of the Russian Psychological Society (or the equivalent)’s publications over time, “Questions of Philosophy and Psychology” encompasses unique issues, observations, and academic inquiries regarding a broad scope of issues. Overall, this publication is particularly important because of what it represents in thinking about psychology and the evolution of the Russian Psychological Society in a global and historical context – namely, the fact that psychology, philosophy, and intricate socio-political development are always interconnected.

Because the research and journalistic endeavors that fall under the umbrella of this publication’s “scope” is far from limited to just to the field of psychological research, it is excellent for tracing how intricately linked the birth of the science of psychology and the Moscow Psychological Society was to other fields, like philosophy, journalism, and politics. Although specific socio-political issues were not addressed head-on in this publication, this journal encompasses many types of articles focused on philosophy and supposed spiritual development (Zakutnyaya). In fact, even Leo Tolstoy was known to have several items published in this journal!


Rena Wang


Grotto, Nikolai. Questions of Philosophy and Psychology: Book 1. Runivers. Web. 1 May 2014. <>.




1889 - 1918




Originally in Russian, online translated into English


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