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Dormition Cathedral


Construction on Moscow’s Cathedral of the Dormition began in 1326, the same year that the metropolitanate of Kiev and All Rus’ made its way to Moscow ("History of the Cathedral"). The relics of Metropolitan Peter, one of the metropolitans canonized preceding the establishment of the Patriarchate of Moscow, were housed within the cathedral. Ivan III, the first Muscovite prince to adopt the title of tsar, called for the structure to be rebuilt in 1475 (“Cathedral of the Dormition"). Beginning with the coronation of Ivan IV in 1547, the Cathedral of the Dormition was the site of all coronations of the Russian tsars. The metropolitans and patriarchs of Moscow were also installed and buried within the cathedral. After the Russian Revolution, services were stopped and the Cathedral of the Dormition served as a museum. Services were resumed in 1990, and the Russian Orthodox Church regained possession of the cathedral in 1991 ("History of the Cathedral"). Today, the Cathedral of the Dormition is a popular tourist attraction in Moscow.


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