Welcome to the New Russia

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Welcome to the New Russia


Featuring the bold statement, “Welcome to the New Russia,” this cartoon illustration depicts the imagined skyscrapers (in tandem with the ever-present spires of Saint Basil’s Cathedral) in Moscow’s Khimki Park region where IKEA Russia has recently invested millions to develop a new state of the art business complex. Featured here are all of the accoutrements of modern technology and transport – a plane, helicopter, satellite, radio transmitter, automobile, truck – which suggest that these are all envisioned as part of this “new” Russia that IKEA is helping to build. Additionally, the illustration points out the commercial success of IKEA’s stores across the Russian state, mentioning the 466 billion Euros of retail turnover in 2011. Yet this impressive figure is simply one facet within the larger scheme of IKEA’s presence as the largest commercial shopping center operator in the country. In total, the cartoon portrays IKEA’s self-visioning as an integral part of the wave of modernization and commercialization taking place in Moscow today.


Jenna Louie


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